Monday, 20 March 2017

Internship + Bone Problems


Hi, it's me again! *waves frantically

It's already the second week of my internship. So I think it's suffice to say how much I like it here. Lol. It's cool here. There aren't that many samples so it's not busy. It's so flexible here like you can eat any time you want (don't push it though. Never go too far when you're temporary). My supervisor is so nice to me that I have no idea what I did do deserve her. They have basically everything in the pantry, they have Coway so I don't have to buy any mineral water at the store (I'm broke, I need to save as much as I can).

My only problem here is everyone is too friendly. They are really nice. I'm not being sarcastic. They are genuinely nice and I have no idea how to react to it. I'm not nice, well I am a bit. But I'm sure as hell am not friendly. I like my space and I like being alone and pathetic. Not because I don't have my own people, I chose to be the way I am because I genuinely like it. That and the fact that I take a lot of time to open up to people. *sigh

I guess it's too early to make judgement. But so far I'm doing okay. It's a dream to be here. I basically have nothing to do most of the time and it makes me crazy sometimes but I'm grateful anyways.

Oh and remember that accident where I landed head first in a not so funny way at Jump Street? It's taking a toll on my body and it made me visit the chiropractor last week. I will have to do an X-Ray first to clearly visualized where exactly is the injured area causing me all these excruciating pain but based on the doctor's physical examination, my lower back bone has shifted to the left. :') 

I've been assigned to Dr Deon who is super nice by the way. Though, I'm pretty sure he thought I was still in school. He can't do anything yet until he has seen the X-Ray which I'm planning to get it done by this weekend. It will take me a very long train ride to the hospital but I rather do that than drive my way there. Driving almost everyday to come to work all the way from KL to Serdang is not easy. It takes time, energy and money. Yup. Definitely money. The root of all problems. Not sure how I'm going to survive with 700 per month of Mara money for 4 months going back and forth but I'll manage somehow.

If people don't think I'm independent enough by now, I'm gonna punch them straight in the face.

Sorry about that. Being older each year makes me emotional.

Till then. May peace be upon you.


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