Wednesday, 15 March 2017

As Usual, All Over the Place


I took a long break didn't I? Hahahaha. I started my internship already, currently on day three. Most of the staffs here are currently at a seminar and I didn't have, wait no, I already did all of the things my supervisor asked me to do this morning and that is why I am typing this out right now on ger computer because I have no idea what to do and I'm afraid of falling asleep. I kind of envy my friends who are doing their internship in a hospital/ private labs, they all seem so busy all the time. 

But I like it here. They don't look at me weird and they are super-friendly (I have no idea how to react to this friendliness beings being the way I am of course). Tsk, it's only day three, I'm sure there is more to come in this coming 3 months. Plus, I have no idea whether I'll have the chance to go back home on this year's Eid or not. :') 

Health-wise. Physically, not Ok. Remember that fall at Jump Street? It got worse. I can feel all my limbs being sore for no practical reasons (I don't exercise because.. I just don't.) especially my lower back and my neck. Hurts like hell sometimes but there is nothing much I can do. The pain keeps intensifying as the day passes so my mother asked me to visit the chiropractor she's been visiting. I already scheduled an appointment this coming Saturday and I must say I'm pretty nervous. I do hope an x-ray won't cost much. I'm pretty much broke all the time.

There is so much I can tell here. I don't even know where to start. Whether I should start. I survived my last semester of my degree. I was so happy about it that I didn't tell it to anyone. Sad, isn't it? I don't feel like I have anyone at the moment. It's like I finally realized that I absolutely have no one now. I am completely alone and I'm way past being terrified about it. 

People should start having empathy instead of sympathy. I hate sympathy the most. I hate it so much. I just hope I'll find someone with the same level of empathy as me. So far, I have found none. The ones who lack it are abundant. The ones who have it are so hidden it's hard to trace it. Including me. You can't express how you feel these days, people judge and jump to conclusion so easily. They don't listen to what you're saying, they just want something to criticize.

I hope whatever's coming.. will not make the push that will finally make me fall down the edge. 

Well, that was long enough. I have to get back to Google-ing whatever that is interesting to kill this boredom. I can't really download much since I'm afraid they will trace it. But they do have a faster internet speed than my college's. Which is of course the bomb! I just started watching Goblin. And omg Gong Yoo is an absolute bae. He was my main bae before Taecyeon. Huhuhu

K K. really have to go. Will do this more often (but not that often I presume) if I got the time.

P.S. Yasmin Mogahed's is coming next month and I already bought a ticket. XD I'm gonna make sure I go this time round. :)

May peace be upon you.


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