Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Loss Again


How's everyone? I abandoned this blog for so long... So much has happened, where do I start.. Hmm. Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim friends. Since I haven't started my new semester yet, it's still a holiday for me.. Best kan cuti lama? 

Actually I went back to KL last week... In the hopes of starting my final year project (FYP) which I ended up doing nothing... I drove all the way by myself, managed to arrive safely to my house, Alhamdulillah. Oh and a friend of mine stayed over for a week since she had no where to go. At least, I got company kan.. Unfortunately, the apartment had this leaking in one of the pipes so there was no water supply until the last day we were there. We had to carry buckets of water from downstairs every day, I'd even got an asthma attack the first time because I pushed myself too hard (baldi tak penuh pun but my hands... Weak hands :( ). 

Then there was the trip back home. I'd made a deal with Akmal that if he doesn't want to go home this Eid, I won't as well. Because I was lazy and I was tired. Then I changed my mind because I miss my mother, so I wanted to go home via plane or train. Tapi dia nak balik pulak so drive it is. There were four of us, my friend who stayed over, him, his friend and me. The traffic was slow due to accidents on the road so imagine how tiresome it was.. But I didn't drive the whole way. I made the mistake of sitting behind the driver's seat and Akmal being him, was playing with the seat, my car is very small you see, he is a major bully :'). We managed to arrive safely and here I am in Kedah. :)

I did bake some brownies upon my mother's request. Here it is.

And my earpods has died on me. :') 
After 2 years of impeccable service. I want to thank the person who gave it to me in the first place, I have used it well. Thank you so much whoever you are. You don't know how much it means to me. Now I'll have to find a new replacement and just look at the price.

I can only lie down and cry. :')

To soothe my aching heart for the loss of my beloved earpods (dramatik tak ayat), I decided to buy a new blouse and these were on sale.

After a few surveys of asking my friends (Because I can only afford one =='), there were 4 votes on the pastel blue and 2 votes on lavendar. Guess which one did I buy? The answer is freaking lavendar cuz purple is life. Hahahaha. I have no idea why I like purple. The blue is pretty but I don't see myself in it. Doesn't mean if I have the money I won't buy it though... I wish I can buy both. *sigh

I did feel a bit better. Still sad about the earpods and the fact that I have to go back to KL in another few days.

I'm okay. In case anyone's wondering. I wish I can be gone with the wind but that will never happen. Thank you for still reading this ridiculous blog. Thank you.

Bye everyone. May peace be upon you.


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