Sunday, 10 July 2016

Being Strong

how is it so easy for you 
to be kind to people he asked
milk and honey dripped 
from my lips as I answered
cause people have not been kind to me

-Rupi Kaur

People leave you hanging? It's okay.
People bitch about you? It's okay.
People tell lies to your face? It's okay.
People pity you? 
People ignores you? 

Everything is going to be okay. Because I'm here. 

I am who I am and I will never be like anyone else. You will never find another like me. I have the patience and the strength to succeed in this life or else I wouldn't still be here.

In one year, a whole lot of things can change. I will wait here patiently and make my own happiness. I won't let anyone else define my happiness and ridicule me. 

No need to worry about me any longer. I have Allah. I leave it all to Him. 

What am I waiting for?

Justice. Realization. Love. Peace.

I will never tell anyone what I feel anymore. I learn that even when you express your feelings out in the open, nobody cares. They care only what they want and what they feel is right. Sometimes, you're going to be wrong and you're gonna end up making mistakes. And some people, cannot admit their mistakes, let alone that they were wrong. 

Things are going to change. Especially me.


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