Monday, 27 June 2016

Early Birthday Gift


hey everyone.. 

I am back in my hometown. Happily home (for now). Although I'm not enthusiastic about Eid coming up real soon. 

Today, I got my new phone ! YAY! Which I bought for myself. For my birthday next month. Kidding. That's just too sad. I did bought it with my own money but I did not plan to receive it now when it's already too near to my birth date. It made me happy so let me enjoy the moment for a bit more.

I bought an Iphone. I got the color blue. So now I guess you guys can pretty much guess which Iphone did I bought. I am glad that I didn't get pink or green. Blue was my favorite colour back then... Nobody actually knew that though. Hm.

The thing is, I had to go to Perlis to get the phone. Long story cut short, we ended up lost on the way back. I missed an exit and had to enter the old road instead of the PLUS Highway. The thing about that road was, for a whole 30 minutes of the trip, there was absolutely nothing. There were no houses to be seen, no human beings and definitely no phone connection. A recipe for any horror movie. Thank goodness, I brought a friend with me, Jiha, because I didn't want to be bored along the trip (I was afraid that I might doze off along the way =_=). We did managed to survive and get back home safely. Nasib baik weh bukan malam. I bet there aren't any street lights either at night.  

Anyway, I wish I could write the story in more detail but I just don't have the energy. 

Bye guys.


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