Monday, 2 May 2016



So I've been gone for a while.. Definitely enjoyed my 3 days holiday at home. Spending some alone time on my own bed... It felt nice.

Anyway. My god, the post about do I still love my ex has the highest page views. How weird huh? Most readers are from Malaysia... Interesting. Usually there's only one view from Malaysia and I'm pretty sure who it is but to have a sudden high traffic from Malaysia... I'm just gonna pretend to know nothing about it. 

I hope with that post I got rid of you or are you still reading this blog? 

You know, when you left someone, you're supposed to leave everything behind. 

Ah and I didn't answer the question. I left it hanging. On purpose. Because I don't think he deserves to know. I know how much it makes him crazy to not know about something. Though I don't think it really does matter anymore. Since he likes to think the worst of everything, let him be. 

Moving on, I am down with a flu. My finals are coming up and I only just noticed because my mother asked me. What a great student aren't I? I'm craving for korean food and I'm having dilemma whether I should ask a friend to go with me or just go on alone. Not to forget, I've got reports submission, my fyp draft submissions. On top of all that is a crazy headache that makes me feel like killing myself. =_=

Class is about to start in 20 minutes. Don't want people to know I have a blog. Btw, Bajirao Mastani is so good. It's a movie and definitely worth watching. 

Gotta go. May peace be upon you.


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