Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Latest Obsession

So I am currently obsessed with this.

It is so gooooood~
I've started watching last week I think and now I'm already on Season 4. I tried keeping off spoilers online as much as I can. Up to this point, it felt so good when Joffrey died. So good that I forgot that I had a paper due the next day. Robb Stark on the other hand T_T

I'm in the midst of watching it now. I'm planning on reading the books as well but the price is in the oh-my-god range. Can't really say I'll have the time to get to it soon, what with my FYP and what not. But I'm looking forward to it. Heh.

Still 2 more papers to go. Both are killer papers, do pray I'll do well. My motivation has flown off to somewhere far far away. 

I'm gonna go do some online window shopping afterwards. By the way, this is pretty.

When you have lots to do and suddenly all these distractions came out of nowhere. =_=

I left my earphones in the surau downstairs and when I went back to get it, the door was already locked. I've been so clumsy since I got older, old doesn't agree with me. *sigh

Hoping it will still be there tomorrow. It's so precious to me since I lost the first one. See what I'm talking about. Loklaq. :(

Till then. May peace be upon you.


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