Saturday, 16 April 2016



It has been quite an eternity since my last update. So what's up with me? Hmm. Let's see. 

Apart from the recent Darth's (my car) explosion, there hasn't been any new happenings worth updating. Just kidding. It's a wonder to have nothing to talk about since my life is so chaotic. Um. I got a parking ticket (AGAIN!)) last week since I had to go to the bank and you know how difficult it is to find a parking especially when the location is around a bank... So I parked somewhere that won't cause any road obstruction, I'm not stupid. But voila the police happened to be on his rounds and that's how I got my ticket. I was fine for RM150, how wonderful.. I decided to get it settled asap and I did. I guess the pak cik pity me so he asked for only RM50. Bless him. :)

As you all know, I'm doing my final year project this semester, I'm not sure whether I did an update on that but I have problems with my project. I couldn't come up with a project that my supervisor approves of. Being indecisive as I am, it took longer for me to decide which project I should do since I'm not used to the methods available and so on. Last week, I finally settled on with a project which focuses on microbiology, did my first draft, didn't sleep the whole night completing it and finally submit it to my supervisor. 

What happened was, she didn't approve of that as well, she didn't even read the first chapter when I went to see her because she haven't checked her email. Next week is our FYP presentation and the list is already out. I'm set to present on this Wednesday at 3PM. The name of the assessors were listed there as well and luckily I knew one of them. Which didn't really help ease my predicament I must say.

My sleep schedule has gone haywire. I eat when I remember to eat. I am out of my wits end and my supervisor thinks I'm not serious about my fyp. I almost lost my temper there but I didn't. Yay me. 

I guess my subconscious has been trying to tell me to take it easy but I'm still pushing myself too hard that I got a panic attack yesterday.  Suddenly, I feel so suffocated that I can't breathe. I was able to calm down but the adrenaline rush won't stop. No worries, I went to the clinic. The doctor prescribed me my meds, asked me to drink a lot of fluids, sleep early if possible and tone down the stress. Apparently, the stress is inducing the asthma attack........ Here I thought I've said my goodbyes to asthma and we will not see each other again. 

So... that's pretty much sums it up. My friends are presenting their FYP starting this Monday. Please pray for them that they will do well on stage, the assessors won't be too harsh on them, etc. 

As for me. I will probably not be there on Wednesday. I couldn't come up with a better solution to my predicament, so I'll probably quit my degree. I can't really drop the subject, that will only mean extension of length of study.. It's not about the extension, it's more of the money to pay for the additional semesters. As much as people like to think I'm rich, I don't have that kind of money. Now I wish if only what people think is true.. *sigh

There you go. There's a little insight into my perfect life full of rainbows and sunshine. Fyi, I don't need your sympathy. This is not me being egoistical. Your sympathy won't solve my problem. I  do appreciate the thought but keep it to yourself. 

Now, I have a test tomorrow and the day after. I'd like to do well in the time I'm still here. Gotta do my studying. Toodles. 

May peace be upon you.


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