Monday, 18 April 2016


So my final year project presentation is postponed till next Wednesday.. Is this a sign ? 

I haven't decided what drastic steps I should do next. All I know is that I am tired due to the lack of sleep and with all the stress I am unable to sleep. That sentence doesn't really make any sense doesn't it? But I think you guys got the gist what I'm actually trying to say. 

What should I  do.. 

This is why I hate people. Not in general, certain people like to complicate things and as much as I like to not be around these kind of people. They somehow find me first.

I wanna quit everything. I know quitting is running away. It's just that I feel so suffocated that I cannot breathe (Literally, suffocating, I am not kidding people).

I don't like talking to people. Unless I like you. I have this thing about talking. It feels like a wasted effort and time talking to people that don't matter. Any social interactions are awkward to me. I respond awkwardly and situation ends up getting even more awkward than it was initially. 

Look at me trying to explain how awkward I am when I'm supposed to find solutions to problems of my life. 

I can't do this. I quit.


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