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I don't know about anyone else but I tend to shop when I'm trying to cheer myself up. I do think it's pretty common though..... But. There's always a but when it's with me. I am very particular about spending my money. I say shop and you would imagine a rich kid having a crisis and off she goes to a mall and spend her money on clothes, bags, shoes and etc. I WISH that was me. Sad to crush your imagination, it's not really that.

Shop here means I spend my time looking for the perfect (what I deemed perfect, what everyone else thinks don't really matter) clothes/things to buy. When I set my eyes on something, I tend to always get it. In one way or another. It's like my Ipod. It's something I've always wanted since I was 11 years old. Finally bought one with my own money when I was 19. It took me 7 years. See how late I am every single time? At least, I'm patient. :')

I think I'm destined to be late in everything. Well, better late than never.

So. When I found something that I like, I would either wait for the right time to buy it or just purchase it on the spot. Right time means when I have money. I don't know if anyone noticed, I am a professional online buyer. I tend to do everything online. I can interact with people better online than face to face. I buy my cinema tickets online. Technology spoiled me, I know.

There are 2 limitations when it comes to shopping.

  1. Money. I'm not blessed with it. Don't have a rich boyfriend either. 
  2. Cheapskate. Due to the lack of said no 1, I guess it is expected. :D
When I say I wanted to buy a shawl for instance, I will go into the store and buy just A shawl. I won't get distracted, I won't get attracted to other shawls either. Am I weird? ==''''

I am a very particular person. So imagine my distress when I discovered this.

IT'S PURPLE. MAIGAD WHY IS IT SO PRETTY, it's not even my style of clothes where the hell would I wear it too who cares I'll figure it out later. Don't get me started on the black one. IT IS SO ME.

It hasn't been released yet. It's just a teaser photo from They're doing a re-opening ceremony for their boutique I think and this piece is one of the collection that will be released in conjunction with that. The collection is named MYSTIQUE by the way. Still can't get over how cool it is. It costs RM209... That certainly put a stop to everything.

I have this thing with purple.Then it kinda stopped and I haven't worn or bought anything in purple since.. I can't remember. This certainly ignited the love for purple. But I know when it comes to buying it, I would definitely buy the black one because I'm a coward. Black is the safest choice and you should see the black one. The purple is just gives off a wedding feeling.... Scares the shit out of me. Still, would want to have it anyway. =_=

Not that I can afford to spend RM200 on a.... beautiful... piece...of cloth.. However, I did ask my sister to buy it for me. Even offered to willingly lose a bet that will cost me to marry first. Apparently, she would only buy it if I'll marry before this coming Eid. My loving sister, ladies and gentleman. Who I long to slap thank goodness she's far away. :')

I don't need it. That much I know. But I want it so bad that I'll sleep in it. I wanted to buy it on my own, but it... well it's launching in 6 days. It won't be re-stock when it's sold out. Sadly my size (M) is usually the first one to sold out. Benci.

You must wonder, it's just a piece of cloth, what's all the hype, right?

This is how I fill the void in me. Buying new clothes makes me happy. And plus it's cheaper than a PS4 or an 11 inch Macbook Air. Another valid reason is that I don't have that many clothes. When I was younger, the only time I get to buy new clothes is when Eid is coming. I've been wearing oversize shirts (because I was fat) and track suits my whole adolescence. I don't even have jeans back then. 

Wow. Congratulations if you read till the end, can't believe I just rambled on for so long on a topic that's not even important. I don't think it's even worth reading. Heh. 

I have 6 days. Wait, now 5 days to contemplate whether to get it/forget it. I'm going to threaten everyone I know to buy this for me to prove that they do love me. Muahahahahaha. I'm not going to do it because I'm nice. *sigh 

I forgot. If you wanna get it for yourself or even better, for your other half *wink . There are tonnes of personal shoppers out there who is willing to get it for you. You can find them in the comment's sections of any photos of Mystique on Instagram. I already surveyed, you only have to pay for the dress and the postage. :D 

I know my friends and people who knows me read my blog. So I'm saying this out loud to you guys. Get this for me and I will tell you everything you want to know. Everything. Without any limitations. I'll do anything, but this is with limitations lah, who knows what crazy crap you guys gonna come up with. And I will love you endlessly. Promise. You know, I never go back on my promise. GET THIS FOR ME.

Thus, ends this post.

Gotta sleep. Too sad. May peace be upon you.


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